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Does Early Detection Of Cancer From A Blood Sample Help Increase Survival And Cure Rates?

Accurate early detection of cancer can increase cure and survival rates because growth is detected before the cancer cells have expanded into more aggressive clones; and before the tumor mass has grown, spread out of control, and metastasized throughout the body.

The ability to detect molecular markers in the blood provides hope that cancers could be eradicated earlier. For instance, for colorectal cancer, early cancer survival rates are higher than 90% (Stage I) but when discovered too late (Stage IV), survival rates plummet to less than 10%. Currently, over 60% of cancers are detected at stage 3 or later, and

in the aggregate, the average survival of cancer patients is 50%. With reliable and accessible stage 1 and 2 cancer detection, average cancer survival rates could be increased to 70-90%.

Depending on how completely our highly accurate and cost-effective screening test will be adapted by the medical community and the public, this in turn would allow for about a 35% to 55% reduction cancer deaths, and a reduction of economic and healthcare cost associate with cancer of 50% to 75%.

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Acuamark Diagnostics develops technology that allows for highly accurate screening of blood to detect cancer markers at the early cancer stages, before cancer becomes untreatable.

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