Innovative, Differentiated Technology for
Early Cancer Detection

The vast majority of cancer cases are detected at stage III or beyond, resulting in poor cancer survival of ~50% in the aggregate.
Cancer cases are forecasted to reach 25M per year over the next two decades, causing deaths to rise to 13M per year (worldwide).
Annually, the worldwide economic impact of cancer is estimated by the WHO at $1.2 trillion.

Early cancer detection – if reliable and accessible - can save up to 5.3M patients worldwide each year, and reduce cancer’s healthcare, economic and societal burden by $900 Bn annually.

AcuamarkDx’s first-in-kind tests are developed to provide highly accurate, affordable and accessible early-cancer detection in asymptomatic patients. The innovative “Eagle i5” assays are designed to seamlessly and cost-effectively produce the highest true positive and lowest false positive results for early-cancer detection, or in other words, improve sensitivity as well as specificity.

Designed to more reliably detect broad ranges of ultra-low abundance cancer biomarkers, the IP-protected Eagle i5 assays detect cancer markers in multiple genetic dimensions and ultra-quantitatively determine the cancer marker load in a blood sample. With the combined assays, we test for several levels of molecular change with which cancer can manifest itself in the blood early on.

The goal of AcuamarkDx’s innovations is to provide universal early-cancer detection at the earlier possible stage.

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Acuamark Diagnostics develops technology that allows for highly accurate screening of blood to detect cancer markers at the early cancer stages, before cancer becomes untreatable.

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