Detect Early, Manage Accordingly, Save Lives.



Acuamark Diagnostics has designed a proprietary multiplexing platform that tests for multiple dimensions of ultra-low abundance oncology biomarkers —i.e. it combines assays that test for several levels of molecular change with which cancer can manifest itself in the blood early on. Our platform integrates a suite of highly novel, cutting-edge multiplexed assays termed "Eagle i5" and "Eagle iSeq", which together – will allow for blood-based screening of early-stage cancer. 

The Acuamark Diagnostics "Eagle i5" and "Eagle iSeq" suites can be run on commercially available equipment.

As this technology is employed, it will allow for accurate detection of early cancer in the blood. It also allows medical professionals to make medical decisions with the assistance of hard data. Furthermore, multiple testing allows for trending of data, enabling the earliest possible detection, better treatment outcomes and the detection of outliers that may not meet a standard screening profile.

In addition to our "Eagle i5" and "Eagle iSeq" suites, technologies are under development that will allow for fully-integrated, point-of-use screening and diagnostics.

Our ultimate goal is universal cancer detection at the earliest possible stage.